Monday, May 10, 2010

Sit up. Push up. Repeat.

I'm joining the fad. The push-up challenge. I'm going to be buff. That's a lie.

Confession time: I'm a cardio junkie. I run. I swim. I bike. I elliptical. Whatever. I could do 6 days a week of straight cardio, and be more than happy. On the flip side of that, I despise weight training. I know that it's good for me to strength train. I know that it'll make me stronger in a way that endurance cardio never will. I just don't like it. Is that valid?

So, I have a new game plan: instead of trying to go to the gym to lift weights (trying? who am I kidding? it never happens), I'm going to focus on doing just a few minutes a day of some strength training at home. I can spare a few minutes a day, right? Of course. Something little every day adding up to something awesome over the long term.

Alternating days with the push-up challenge, I'm going to do Whittle My Middle. It's a favorite of mine (by a great health/food blogger!). Maybe, this way, my abs won't be so sore for days and days post-half marathon.

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