Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy, happy weekend!

I just love weekends. I love weekends exactly like this one; weekends in which you have very little to do, nowhere to be. And so, you are able to just BE.

Yesterday I took advantage of my backyard (I mean, the park) and enjoyed the sunshine, The Horse Whisperer,

and a Green Monster:

Last night, though I have no pictures to prove it, I went to see a friend north of Fort Wayne. We played volleyball, consumed the best lasanga and cheesecake ever, and talked. A lot. So good!

This morning, my running buddy copped out on me due to illness. True confessions: I am secretly thrilled that I don't have to run 10 miles today. In lieu of the run, I spent my morning going to the farmers market, Aldis, and then a random garage sale on the way home. Farmer's market purchase:

How does one cook rhubarb? I only have a pound of it, so it's not enough to make a pie or tarts or anything. What would it do on oatmeal? In stirfry? I'll have to research, and then will keep you posted.

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  1. Yes, weekends are amazing and Friday was especially great! And I *do* have pictures of that particular event...which I plan to post as soon as this crazy week is over.