Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review: The Part-Time Vegan

The Part-Time Vegan

by Cherise Grifoni

Copyright 2011
F+W Media, Inc.

The Part Time Vegan lives up to its subtitle: "put the fun in flexitarian." Grifoni makes vegan cooking easy, fun and accessible. She shares a good dose of sarcasm along the way, making the directions for each recipe entertaining to follow. The recipes don't include lists of difficult to pronounce ingredients, or foods that are impossible to find in a normal grocery store.

Before you head to the kitchen, the book starts with what Grifoni calls a "Totally Not Boring Intro" and a chapter entitled "Veganism 101." Read these few pages, and you are well on your way to eating vegan. Or to eating vegan part time. Or just occasionally. Or maybe only once or twice. No guilt here!

The book contains 201 recipes, organized by the type of food on which it is based. Each recipe is labeled with protein, fiber, quick, and/or flex. The ones labeled protein or fiber are high in protein or fiber. Quite obviously. The ones labeled quick are quick and easy. Again, quite
obviously. The ones labeled flex are easily adapted by substituting non-vegan ingredients into the recipe.

The final chapter includes recipes organized into dinner plans. Each contains a recipe for an appetizer, and entree, and a dessert. Need a complete dinner menu all in one place? This is the chapter for you!

The Part Time Vegan is exactly what Grifoni promises in the intro: "A no-nonsense, quick-witted guide to veganism." It's a pleasure to cook from, as well as a pleasure to read.